Brussels Griffon Petit Brabancon puppies
Petit Brabancon Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon - about the breed

It's amazing, how many names this dog breed has! Brussels Griffon, Petit Brabancon, Petit Brabançon, Small Brabant Griffon - it's the "official" breed names. And so all these unofficial names: Petit Griffon, Griffon shorthair, Brabancon, Petite Brabancon, Brabancon Griffon, Griffon Smooth, Belgian Griffon.

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Petit Brabancon smooth coated brussels griffon

Petit Brabancon - an unique look

Petit Brabancon (petit brabançon) has such an unique look. How was the breed developed?

Like many dog breeds in existence today, Griffon Bruxellois/Petit Brabancon was developed by combining other breeds to select for certain traits that breeders found desirable.

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Brussels Griffon Petit Brabancon puppies for sale

Brussels Griffon puppies for sale

We have wonderful Brussels Griffon puppies available!

Alen's Dream J'Adore (red Petit Brabancon) and DKCH SECH Wallian Dow Jones (red Griffon Bruxellois) got 5 healthy puppies on the 28th of September 2015.

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About Brussels Griffon

Celebrated by Europeans for centuries, the Brussels Griffon is loved the world over for his cheeky expression, his monkey-like face and his engaging personality. The tiny Brussels Griffon compensates for his diminutive size with a large amount of personality and friendliness. The lucky person who get the Griffon Bruxellois can expect to have his little buddy with him 24/7. This cute pooch loves to sleep on your bed, follow you around whatever you do such as doing household chores or will patiently wait outside the bathroom for you. This breed is known for being a watchful little companion pooch that is very determined to please, is curious and fun-loving. He has a big heart and is so warmhearted - he just loves to jump up for cuddles!

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