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Petit Brabancon - Brussels Griffon smoothDear visitors,
This website is dedicated to our dear Petit Brabancons (Brussels Griffon smooth, Small Brabant Griffon), that we privileged to own and love. We are pleased to introduce our small, family-owned kennel for you. We are located in Europe, Denmark, in beautiful green surroundings.

We believe that our dogs are not just pets. They are members of our family, our biggest passion and a part of our lives. We do our best for our dogs' well being and take care of them maybe even better than of ourselves. The dogs and their needs always come first at our home, including best possible care, food, activities and veterinarian services.

We live in the Danish countryside and have lots of open land for the dogs to run and get plenty of exercise. All our dogs live with us inside our house. We believe that our happy and healthy dogs will give the same in their offspring.
With the strong foundation of Petit Brabancon that we currently own, we hope to make a positive contribution to that wonderful breed that have captured our hearts.

Take a look around, browse through the articles and pictures, enjoy your stay and come back! We will try to keep you updated as much as possible with the news section. And if you should have any questions/comments for us, please feel free to Contact us
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Our Pride & Joy!


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